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Conception éthique

La tendance de la conception éthique est née du fait que de nombreux développeurs sont de plus en plus préoccupés par la nature du travail de conception qui exploite ses utilisateurs. Cela inclut les utilisateurs de Facebook dont les informations personnelles ont été divulguées à des tiers et la conception de politiques par des applications de médias sociaux conçues pour exploiter les comportements humains.

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Part 3: Websites for the 21st Century

Knowing how you want to represent yourself online can be a big decision! More so, because designing for the 21st century has gotten more complicated and involved then just making one design. Let’s take a look..

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Part 2: Let’s Talk Project Quotes

From potential clients, friends, and organizations it’s not uncommon for us to hear horror stories of budget discussions with relation to web projects and service providers. This guide helps to guide the process of determining your needs, wants, and ensuring you get what you need!

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Administration du Système

Part 1: Comparing WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

It is essential when building a new website that it meets all your needs while not being overly complex or intimidating to use. Being able to update content easily without having to call up your local web developer can help save money and ensure that you feel empowered with the product that you purchased.

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Getting Off the Grid and Onto your Own Cloud

It’s not an unknown fact that security issues are becoming more and more of an issue these days. We live in a world that is completely connected to everything. Our computers, tablets, and phones are connected to services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and more! Most people believe that there is no harm in using these free services – but free does not come without a cost…

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Securing your Browser

Most people do not realize the inherent nature of all the information that is shared around while you are browsing. How? Well mainly it is done through a browser cookie, which is a piece of information that is coded to make a reference to your identity!

It’s also not that easy to simply just block these cookies, because then some online tools might stop working properly. Meaning that they might stop you from logging in and demand that you enable cookies again :/

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