Part 3: Websites for the 21st Century

Knowing how you want to represent yourself online can be a big decision! More so, because designing for the 21st century has gotten more complicated and involved then just making one design. Let’s take a look..

Part 2: Let’s Talk Project Quotes

From potential clients, friends, and organizations it’s not uncommon for us to hear horror stories of budget discussions with relation to web projects and service providers. This guide helps to guide the process of determining your needs, wants, and ensuring you get what you need!

Getting Off the Grid and Onto your Own Cloud

It’s not an unknown fact that security issues are becoming more and more of an issue these days. We live in a world that is completely connected to everything. Our computers, tablets, and phones are connected to services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and more! Most people believe that there is no harm in using these free services – but free does not come without a cost…

Comment créer un contenu Web qui créera de l’intérêt

Trouvez-vous que créer un contenu intéressant à publier sur votre site Web se révèle toujours être difficile? Éprouvez-vous le sentiment que cela ne vaut pas l’effort que vous y investissez? Maintenez-vous le nombre de visites de votre site régulièrement? Les petites entreprises ne sont pas seulement confrontées au défi de garder sa clientèle, mais également […]

Installing ApacheSolr on Ubuntu

You aren’t alone I had to scower the internet and read several articles before I truly understand all of this. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu (with Tomcat7) it’s even easier then most outline. I preferred this over Lullabot since when you install it through Ubuntu it’s actually a service and less fiddling