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We created an update of our reviews of open source project management solutions. Have a look here.

Recently, a potential client approached us to do an analysis on Project Management solutions. We tailored our approach surrounding Open Source solutions as this can, most often, become more affordable if not completely free for organizations. As well, the solution must be cloud based in order to provide access to a wide range of tools. Our analysis looked at a broad range of options and narrowed them down to 7 most popular Open Source solutions. We then analysed and compared their pros and cons.

It's not an unknown fact that security issues are becoming more and more of an issue these days. We live in a world that is completely connected to everything. Our computers, tablets, and phones are connected to services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and more! Most...

On our latest project for McGill University's Community Engagement Day we wanted to find a better way for event times to be entered and searched for by people using the site. We discovered timefield which provides a beautiful API alongside a timepicker widget that is missing from the regular Date field. What was missing was a proper integration into a views exposed filter field in order for the widget to appear. We'll show you how we did this!

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