Open Learning Exchange

Our Work

+ Remote localised Drupal server setup + Aegir setup / maintenance + Project management + Customized Drupal module development + Contributed Drupal community patches + Drupal Profile creation for auto-installation + Theme integration + Integration and creation of Open Atrium platform + Offline preview generation of all types of document (word, PDF, etc.) within a Drupal website + System Administration

Administration du Système, Communitaire, Conseil
Aegir, ApacheSolr, Custom Platforms, Drupal, Drupal Platforms, Enseignement, Gestion de Projet, GIT, Intégration de Design, Recherche Personnalisée

With OLE’s open-source Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL), community members are able to access open source educational materials designed to improve the learning of everyone within a community.

The start of this project consisted of setting up a localized Drupal server setup that integrated and modified ApacheSolr system, online readable documents (without the use of other providers), and more.